Methodists have a long history of small groups. The Wesley brothers (the founders of the Methodist tradition) created what they called "class meetings" to help people explore their faith, create environments of support, and to figure out how to live a more intentional and fulfilling Christian life. At ESUMC, we seek to continue that tradition through our Covenant Discipleship groups.
 Our gatherings center around the question: How is it with your soul? We take time each week to search scripture, pray, and reflect upon who we have been doing over the last week in relationship to loving God and loving our neighbor. We reflect each week upon these three commitments for Christian living:
1) Do no harm
2) Do all the good you can
3) Stay in love with God
Contact Rev. Emily at or 510-815-9816 for more information.

Lent Small Groups:
Entering the Passion of Jesus

Let's face it, life can be difficult sometimes. Having a community that we can connect with is incredibly important to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. It is a space where we can receive support and accountability. Methodists have a strong tradition of meeting in small groups. It is foundational to who we are.

There are three  sessions led by a variety of leaders and meeting over Zoom or in person. Pick which one you would like to attend, then you will receive information about where the group takes place. Come and be a part of meaningful discussion and community!

 If you have financial hardship, please get a book from Rev. Emily. No one will be turned away!

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