Shirley Kille Scholarship

2024 Applications Are Open!

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Shirley Kille was a teacher and master educator in the WCCU School District for over thirty years. She taught kindergarten through eighth grade.  She was loved and respected by her students, students’ parents and colleagues.  She made such an impression that she was invited to some of her kindergarten students’ weddings.
The purpose of this fund is to help a deserving student defray the costs of education in residence at fully accredited community colleges, universities or [non-profit] technical/trade schools. The scholarship will be given in recognition of academic and civic achievement, and need. One $1.500 scholarship per year may be granted for college expenses.
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General Eligibility Requirements:
1. Good academic standing.
2. Evidence of involvement in activities of benefit to school and community.

To qualify, applicants must meet and complete the following requirements:
1. Be a graduating senior from a public high school of the West Contra Costa Unified School District,
2. Applicants, in addition to completing an application form, must attach the following:
a. A current transcript of courses taken and grades achieved. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required.
b. Proof of in residence enrollment at a qualifying college or university or accredited technical/trade school.
c. Two or more written letters of recommendation from teachers, coaches, employers, advisors, church members or pastor, and/or other unaffiliated persons who know the applicant.
d. A one-page essay or statement presenting your education goals and activities.

Additional Information:
1. Applications are open typically by March 20th. You may apply via the online form below and/or request a hard copy from the church office.
2. The completed application, together with required attachments, must be returned to the church office by May 10th of the year prior to entry to a qualified, accredited higher education college, university or [non-profit] technical/trade school.
3. The Scholarship committee may request a short interview with candidates in order to reach a decision. The Scholarship Committee’s decision will be final.
4. Scholarship recipients will be formally presented to the congregation at a Sunday worship service at a mutually agreed upon date. During this time, each recipient will talk briefly about his/her educational experiences and plans for the coming year.
5. Checks will be mailed to a recipient in August after recipient provides the scholarship committee with proof of Fall enrollment — i.e. class schedule or paid fees statement.

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