Blessings Closet

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Blessings Closet is a monthly event where anyone can come and donate clothes and/or pick out some new ones completely free!


Absolutely everyone, EVERYONE, is welcome! Right now we need more men's clothes than womens but we will always take whatever donations you have.


At this time we are not accepting donations that aren't clothes and shoes. If you need help figuring out how and where to dispose or donate other things you're free to email the office and ask!


Every second saturday of the month
 from 10 AM - 1 PM.
But is it happening this month?
 Yes. Unless otherwise announced please assume it is a regularly reoccuring event.


You'll find us at our Upper Campus location, 5151 Argyle Rd.

But those hours don't work for me! 
Please contact the office to see if appointments are available. 
Please do not dump donations or leave items unattended outside on our campus. 
They become safety hazards and often end up ruined.